Siding Options

Hardie Board

James Hardie siding has earned the Good Housekeeping  seal of approval. This product is trusted by builders, contractors, and  architects and has a reputation for long lasting performance. It has  been manufactured for durability, low maintenance, and in colors  designed to enhance your homes curb appeal. If we have a favorite, this  is the one! Give us a call and we’ll tell you about our favorite….Hardie  Siding!

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular type of siding  that you will see on many homes. It comes in a variety of styles,  widths, and color choices for you to choose from. So many as a matter of  fact that you may, just may, want to give us a call so we can spend the  DAY together! Just kidding, it should only take a small portion of your  time to choose one.

Versetta Stone

Does siding come in stone you ask?  Well this must be your lucky day because the answer is…. YES! Versetta  stone is a product that installs like siding, but looks like stone. This  wont only improve the looks of the outside of your home, which it will,  but can also improve the interior of your home. That’s right, it looks  good outside and it looks good inside! It comes in different stack  styles and colors for your decision making pleasure. Oh, and we can help  with that too.


Let Soffit help your home breath! This  product is installed underneath your eves and is an important part of  your homes looks, but more importantly for the ventilation of your  attic. Soffit vents in relation to roof vents is very important to keep  your attic dry. Soffit comes in many materials such as Hardie, Vinyl,  aluminum, steel, and wood and also comes in a variety of colors with  most products. Soffit panels come in solid or vented panels which once  again, the vented panels are key to ventilation. We can also install  vents into existing Soffits. For more information check our GUT-R-DONE Team of pro’s in ventilation by clicking here for their link.


Fascia board and/or fascia wrap  are items that can really dress up your home. We can install, replace,  wrap, and/or repair your fascia board at your request. Not only is it  important for the appearance of your home and gutters, but its also  important for those spectacular Christmas lights you hang on your home….  Right?!

Siding Repair.... Yes We Do!